Proposals for Course Revision

Proposals for Course Revision

1. Replace Z in COMP2411 and COMP3111/9008 by B
2. Split level 3 courses into 3uc courses.

While recently constructing example combined programs in SE/Math and SE/Physics, I was struck by the degree to which this exercise was aided by the availability of 3uc courses. The recent Physics revision consisted mainly of just that: the splitting of 6uc courses into two 3uc courses.

I have long believed that we should have smaller courses, especially in the later years.

There are a number of reasons why this is a "good idea"

1) Our programs are becoming more elective and less prescriptive. We should do things to make this process effective.
2) Students want to do a wide range of courses, smaller compact courses enable this.
3) There is strong interest in combined programs, and in multi-discipline study. We should help enable this.
4) We probably want to mount more courses ourselves. We have new staff and they will have their specialties in which they may like to mount courses. It doesn't make sense to have too many 6uc courses.
5) Teaching 3uc courses might lead to better teaching distribution.
6) There is nothing sacred about 6uc. Most, maybe not all courses can be condensed.

As an example, COMP3131 (Parsing and Translation) could be condensed to a 3uc course and a new 3uc course could be devoted to Compiling.