Minutes of Teaching Committee Meeting on 21 May 1999

Present: arun, billw (chair), claude, geoffw, gernot, jas, johnh, lambert, piyush, sowmya

  1. Course Revision - Science Faculty courses: The School will recommend to the BSSM that we will offer a minor in Computing as part of the general Science degree (course 3970). We will not offer a major in Computing as part of course 3970. We will continue to offer course 3978 BSc(Computer Science) as a specialist course in Computer Science. This course will be structured as described in John Shepherd's web page (see agenda) with the following exceptions (until John updates his web page): Students in course 3978 will be required to take 5 x 6 u.c. COMP3 subjects (rather than 4 as in the previous draft), except that with the approval of the Head of the School of CSE, students wishing to complete the requirements for a major in another discipline as well as the COMP requirements may substitute a subject from the other discipline for one of the level 3 COMP subjects.

  2. New subject proposal: Readings in Computer Systems (postscript)
    Proposer: Gernot Heiser
    This proposal was approved, except that the subject name was changed to Readings in Computer Science and Engineering. It was agreed that several research groups might wish to offer different variants of the subject, using readings appropriate to their discipline.

  3. New subject proposal: Distributed Operating Systems (postscript)
    Proposer: Gernot Heiser
    This proposal was approved.

  4. New subject proposal: Multimedia Authoring and Cooperative Agents
    Proposers: Jesse Jin and Paramesh
    Deferred due to the absence of the proposers.

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