Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting on 16 June 1999

  1. New subject proposal: COMP1091 Introduction to Programming with C
    Proposers: Tim Lambert, Arun Sharma, John Shepherd, at TC's request.

  2. New subject proposal: Multimedia Authoring and Cooperative Agents
    For content, see also Home page: COMP4012
    Proposers: Jesse Jin and Paramesh

  3. John Shepherd has suggested two changes to subject names to make the handbook description more accurate.
    1. It is proposed that COMP3111/9008 should be called "Formal Specification of Software Systems"
    2. It is proposed that COMP9102 should have the same name as COMP3131, i.e. "Parsing and Translation" rather than "Compiling Techniques and Programming Languages".

  4. VC's award for teaching excellence: Arun writes:
    Nominations are being invited for the 1999 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence and Vice-Chancellors's Award for Teaching Excellence using Educational Technologies.

    The deadline for applications is 30 July 1999.

    I would like the Teaching Committee to discuss this matter. I will have the eligibility rules in pigeonholes.

    Does the TC/School want to nominate anybody?

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