Minutes of Teaching Committee Meeting on 16 June 1999

Present/In attendance: jesse, claude, andrewt, jas, billw (chair), sowmya, johnh

  1. The proposal to introduce COMP1091 Introduction to Programming with C was approved.

  2. The proposal to introduce COMP9519 Multimedia Systems was approved. Note the change of title. Jesse Jin to provide clarification of the skills students will acquire while studying this subject. Future proposers of new subjects are requested to provide this information, too.

  3. The Shepherd proposals. It appears that the first proposal was partly tongue in cheek, and is withdrawn.

    The second proposal, that COMP9102 should have the same name as COMP3131, is agreed, but the TC has held over the issue of what name these subjects should both have.

  4. The TC does not propose to nominate anybody for the VC's award for Teaching. The TC is however considering a nomination for the Noel Svensson (Faculty of Engineering) Teaching Award.