Minutes of Teaching Committee Meeting on 20 August 1999

Present: gernot, andrewt, kenr, billw (chair), sowmya, lambert, steve

  1. The change of title of COMP9024 from "Data Structures, Files and Databases" to "Data Structures and Algorithms", etc. was approved, along with the minor changes to the syllabus.

  2. A response will be sent to Ian Morrison indicating that most of our subjects/courses use educational technology, and that specific examples of subjects using innovative techniques would be COMP9804, COMP9701, and COMP9116 contacts to be provided as he requests.

  3. The modifications to the syllabus of COMP9242 Advanced OS specified in the agenda were approved.

  4. COMP9022 and COMP2021 will be modified to include an introduction to C for Java programmers. The teachers of later subjects that will be using C need to be consulted about what aspects of C need to be emphasized, but one important topic is the use of pointers as a model of addresses in memory structures.

    If you teach a later-year subject that uses C, you need to make sure that you make your needs known to the COMP9022/COMP2021 lecturers.

  5. The proposal to allow first year CS students to enrol in INFS subject Business Data Management was approved.

  6. The possibility of using sirius to allow students to register for tutorials at enrolment time, rather than in the first week, will be investigated. There may be detailed problems of administration, related for example to the use of timetable codes to allocate students to timetables in session 1.

  7. Ken Robinson reported that BE(SE)/BSc and BE(SE)/BA combined programme proposals are now with the Secretariat. Thanks to Ken for this excellent response.

  8. Courses and Careers Day plans were briefly discussed.

  9. Summer session subjects will be COMP1021 and COMP9701.

  10. The CEQ response sought be Ian Morrison had tobe deferred until next TC meeting.

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