CSE Teaching Committee, Agenda for Meeting, 28 July 2006

  1. Previous minutes and issues arising from them - John Shepherd

  2. Maintenance revisions to Software Engineering + X programs - Ken Robinson

  3. Report on first run of COMP1911 - Richard Buckland

  4. Revision of BINF1001 - Bruno Gaeta
    Addresses issues with mid-year entry students in Bioinformatics program;
    also makes course accessible to certain Science students.

  5. Proposal for COMP3021/COMP9121 - Jingling Xue
    A restructuring of the content of COMP4001;
    COMP3021/9121 = O-O programming; COMP4001 = O-O design.

  6. Proposal for COMP4906 Co-op Industrial Training 2 - John Shepherd
    Zero-fee course for Coop students - see explanation

  7. Teaching Schedule for 2007 - John Shepherd
    What gets taught and when. This needs to be finalised by October.
    The "sketchy pre-drafts" of the teaching schedule are available for perusal.

  8. Changes to UNSW Academic Calendar from 2008 - John Shepherd
    3 * 6+1+6 sessions, 1 = Eng Week, 2-hour exams, shorter exam period

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