CSE Teaching Committee, Agenda for Meeting, 22 September 2006

  1. Previous minutes and issues arising from them - John Shepherd

  2. Revision of MCIT and GradDipCIT - Eric Martin
    The ACS requires some Professional Issues/Ethics material to be core in our MCIT and GradDipCIT programs before they'll accredit them.

  3. Revision of Internetworking Plan in Masters Programs - Chun Tung Chou

  4. Revision of COMP4141 - Kai Engelhart

  5. Revision of COMP4431 - Malcolm Ryan

  6. Revision of BINF2001 - Bruno Gaeta
    Addresses issues with mid-year entry students in Bioinformatics program;
    also makes course accessible to certain Science students.

  7. Report on first run of COMP1911 - Richard Buckland
    Held over from previous meeting.

  8. Absence of courses using .NET - Rupert Shuttleworth
    Why do no CSE courses use this framework in teaching?
    If CSE students were exposed to it, they would have more job opportunities.

  9. Removal of COMP2111/COMP3111 as prerequisites for COMP3141? - Rupert Shuttleworth

  10. Follow-up on Accreditation - John Shepherd
    What do we need to change (if anything) based on observations from the EngAust/ACS accreditation visit.

  11. Learning/Teaching Performance and Funding - John Shepherd
    The University and Faculty now require L&T performance to be quantified, and have tied
    a proportion of funds to it; how will this affect out teaching practice?

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