CSE Teaching Committee, (Rough) Minutes for Meeting, 20 July 2007

Note: These minutes are based on JohnS's recollection of the discussion. As noted in the September 2007, he lost his notes from the meeting, and so doesn't have the fine details, such as attendance, start-time, end-time, and the precise discussion points.

  1. Previous minutes and issues arising from them - John Shepherd

    Since there were no minutes, there were no issues.

  2. Course revisions due to 12-week semesters - John Shepherd

    I think was a reminder for people to think about what changes they planned to make to their courses to adapt to the new 12-week regime, and to indicate these changes on the web form that the faculty had set up. If course revisions were required, they needed to be done ASAP.

  3. CATEI and end-of-session course evaluations - John Shepherd

    The CATEI evaluations for 07s1 courses are all available. There's a requirement (forced by financial incentives) that all LICs respond to the Form A course evaluations. To simplify this task, JohnS is working on a web-based interface that will provide most of the information on the report form, leaving LICs only to fill out the written commentary.

  4. COMP4096 Industrial Training 2 - John Shepherd

    JohnS described the need for a second course code for the second Industrial Training component of the Comp Sci Co-op program. At present, completion of the second IT is not recorded anywhere officially in NSS; it is recorded by the Co-op Office and this information needs to manually given the CSE Office in order to determine graduation status for Comp Sci Co-op students. This would be a zero-HECS "pseudo-course" (code: COMP4906), which could be put as an official program requirement for graduation from the Comp Sci Co-op program.

  5. Games Programming in the CSE curriculum - Malcolm Ryan

    MalcolmR suggested that there was probably not enough "game-specific" material to mount a degree major on "Games Programming". However, he did indicate that having a course to follow on from COMP4431 Computer Game Programming Workshop might be useful.

  6. Any other business
    1. RichardB discussed some of the problems with the new first-year courses (COMP1911,COMP1921), specifically the difficulty in teaching students with a wide range of backgrounds and motivations for studying computing. The size of the classes was also an issue (problems finding large enough lecture theatres). His suggestion was that we needed some kind of streaming in first year beyond the difference between ENGG1811 (IT basics and simple programming concepts) and COMP1911 (intro procedural programming in C). The plan is to re-activate the COMP1917 and COMP1927 course codes that were approved in 2005 as part of the first-year changes, and work out some way of streaming students into these. Since everyone was in general agreement with the proposal, RichardB was to work out the details and submit them to the Faculty so that COMP1917 and COMP1927 would be available for 08s1.

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