CSE Teaching Committee, Agenda for Meeting, 30 Nov 2007

  1. COMP19xx Syllabi - Richard Buckland

    Details of syllabi for new first-year courses need to be checked and schedules drawn up for teaching each course.

  2. 4th-year Theses - John Shepherd

    The advent of 12-week semesters gives an opportunity to adjust the way 4th-year theses are handled. We could simply move all the deadlines back two weeks (e.g. Thesis A seminars in Week 8, Thesis B report due Week 12), or we could consider changing more than this.

  3. Graduate Attributes - John Shepherd

    UNSW is committed to associating with each course and program a set of knowledge/skills that every graduate could be expected to acquire. Some of these are generic, while others are more discipline specific.

    For more details see: Getting Started (with Graduate Attributes) from the LTU, UNSW Policy on Graduate Attributes, UNSW Engineering Graduate Attributes.

    There will be pressure on us (via the money associated with LTPIs) for use to describe/justify these for all of our courses over the next 6 months. I'll set up some web tools to simplify/automate this process as much as possible.

  4. Program Coherence - John Shepherd

    We need to check that our programs have well-defined goals and that the constituent courses fit together properly to acheive those goals. As a first step towards this, I'd like to document precise inputs (expected knowledge) and outputs (student knowledge/skills at end of course) for each of our courses. I'll set up some web tools to collect/collate this information.

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