CSE Teaching Committee, Tentative Agenda for Meeting

Hos Meeting Room, L1, CSE 28 Aug 2009, 2 PM

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

  2. Actions following from Minutes

  3. Report on Academic matters (AS)

  4. New updated course proposal Information Retrieval and Web Search
  5. Specific Priorities for 2010 and beyond
    1. CS Program Revisions
    2. SE Program Revisions: Discussion document
    3. Hybrid Courses and effect on programs
    4. 3 UoC courses- to be eased out by 2011
    5. Thesis courses: full year, elite versions, faculty review ongoing
    6. Project courses- refinement
    7. (Better) Names for first year courses
    8. CSE Course Numbering Scheme
    9. IEAust Accreditation in 2010: program reviews/revisions
  6. Any other business

School of Computer Science & Engineering
The University of New South Wales
Sydney 2052, AUSTRALIA

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