Minutes of Teaching Commitee Meeting of 14 April 2000

Present: gernot, andrewt, jas, geoffw, sowmya, billw (chair), kenr

  1. The proposal to introduce COMP4111 Distributed Object Systems was approved.

  2. The proposal to move to a uniform weighted average for the purpose of determining class of honours was discussed without a clear consensus emerging. Any decision to move to a new way of calculating class of honours would need to be announced to students maybe 18 months in advance, so that students could adapt their enrolment to optimise their class of honours. The standardised weighted average will be computed along with the traditional measures of performance during the intervening period, to give us experience with the differences between the two measures. Geoff Whale noted that it appears that the cutoff for each class of honours on the basis of standard weighted average would be a couple of marks lower than that based on the current WAM measure.

  3. Articulation between INTI College, Malaysia and our SE/CS programmes: The view of the committee was that even for straight-A students from INTI College, 1.5 years advanced standing would be the most we should give for 2 years study at INTI College.

  4. Award of class of honours for BE/MBiomedE graduates. The consensus was that grade of honours for these students would be based on courses taken excluding BIOM courses and related courses including physiology and anatomy.

  5. Summer session 2001. It was agreed that COMP1021 should be offered, and preferably at least two third year/PG courses: Graphics and Networks.

  6. Transitional arrangements for SE/CE. The consensus was that considerable flexibility should be used in approving transitional programs. In general, when switching to a new program, a student should not be required to take courses introduced into years of their program that the student has already completed.

  7. Proposal to introduce a course based on the Computer Society International Design Competition. It was decided initially to run this as a group thesis option in order to see how it goes.

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