Minutes of Teaching Commitee Meeting of 2 June 2000

Present: gernot, kenr, sowmya, billw (chair), andrewt
In attendance: meyden

  1. New course proposal: Cryptographic approaches to distributed systems security It was agreed that this course would be taught on a pilot basis with a quota of 20 students in session 2, 2000, using the course code COMP4012 (occasional elective code). It was noted in discussion that a larger class size would be appropriate if the course was to be run on a regular basis. The prerequisite in session 2, 2000 would be "permission of lecturer". A handbook entry for COMP4012 for 00 s2 would be:

    COMP4012 Cryptographic approaches to distributed systems security

    Staff Contact: A/Prof Ron van der Meyden
    UC 6 S2 C3
    Prerequisite: permission of lecturer

    Cryptography and cryptanalysis, authentication, authorization, cryptographic protocols, digital signatures, public key infrastructures, trust management, social and legal issues, WWW security and security for mobile code, digital cash, payment protocols, digital rights management. The course will be taught in a seminar format, with students expected to give presentations based on readings of primary and secondary sources.

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