Minutes of Teaching Committee Meeting - 18 August 2000

Present: Bill Wilson (chair), Arcot Sowmya, Ken Robinson, Tim Lambert, Ada Lim, Daniel Koo, Tammy Beshay, Gernot Heiser, Andrew Taylor, Priyadarshi Nanda, Sanjay Jha, Arun Sharma, Cassandra Nock, Bill Atherton, Kai Engelhardt.
Apology: John Shepherd

  1. Arun described the proposal for a B.E. in Bioinformatics to the meeting, and answered questions on it. The proposal will be developed further before it is presented to the Faculty Standing Committee on Friday 1 September.

  2. The prerequisite for COMP9331 becomes COMP9021 + COMP9022. Thereafter prerequisite sequence becomes (COMP9331 or COMP3331) -> COMP9332 -> COMP9333. The ensuing problems for 8508/3000(5453/3000) will become part of the planned revision of these programs being planned by John Shepherd. In the meantime, students entering these programs will have to be warned that it will not be possible to complete these programs in 3(2) sessions full-time (unless they are eligible for exemptions for COMP9021 and COMP9022).

  3. COMP9022 in second sessions. This item was deferred in view of John Shepherd's absence.

  4. Future of COMP1091. Again deferred because of John's absence.

  5. Talented student program. In the end, we decided that we already have practices equivalent to a talented student program. In order to make sure that eligible students are aware of this fact, Tim Lambert and Ada Lim will be producing a web page describing our provisions for gifted and talented students.

  6. Student "Friend" proposal. After discussion, the meeting agreed that the most appropriate course of action is to recommend to the Head of School that another person be hired for the School Office to assist Rita, to allow her more time to advise students with complex enrolment problems.

  7. School of ISTM's proposed Master of Information Technology. Arun described the proposal to the meeting, and sought comments from TC members to assist him in formulating a response to the School of ISTM.

  8. Please note that the IEAust accreditation visit has now been confirmed for 1-2 November.

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