Minutes of Teaching Committee Meeting 17 May 2002

Present: andrewt (chair), achim, kenr, lambert, peterh, steve, sjha, simonb, keller, claude, carrollg, chak, gernot and others

  • Matters relating to the co-op scholars program Carroll Graham tabled proposed changes which were accepted. [ details to be attached ]

  • Industrial training Ken R. explained new guidelines. TC asked Peter Ho, as IT coordinator to review past cases where summer scholarhsip work had been limited to 30 days credit towards IT requirements.

  • New course proposals

  • Review of 02s2, 03s1 and 03s2 courses and teaching allocations.Some discussion of course to be offered - latest version at http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~andrewt/alloc/offerings.html

  • Course Experience Survey - deferred to next meeting.

  • Assessment Queries - deferred to next meeting.

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