Draft Minutes of Teaching Committee Meeting - 16 August 2002

Present: billw (chair), simonb, htuch, paramesh, carrollg, bradh, bgaeta, anymeyer, sowmya, kern, sridevan, ashesh, steve, jas, gernot

  1. Arrangements for combined BE/MEngSc (and BE/ME) It was resolved that we would ask for the BE/MEngSc program for CSE to be reinstated in the UG handbook but specifying that an entry score of 75% based on average performance over the preceding two years be required. This was in line with our requirement for entry to the MEngSc project. A project-based MEngSc was the only way that the School could sustain this program, as the alternative was to mount at least 2 advanced PG courses during summer session. This scheme preserves the possibility of allowing students to transfer through MEngSc to ME or MSc and then complete the research Master's degree in reduced time.

  2. Default electronic lecturer surveys: This proposal was supported by the TC.

  3. Summer session 2002-3. No quick solutions. The possibility of paying academics extra to teach a summer session course is to be explored.

  4. Review of COMP1001 and related matters. The possibility of amalgamating COMP1091 with COMP9021 is to be explored with Maths. No resolution on what to do about falling numbers in COMP1001 - it is desirable to maintain a presence at this level (or else see it taken over by other parts of UNSW).

  5. Administrative revision (new plan) for BSc Computer Science to cater for Co-op students. Proposal details are here. Approved. Proposal goes to Faculty Education Committee.

  6. Working party to introduce combined programs for BE Bioinformatics.
    • BE Bioinf / BA
    • BE Bioinf / BSc
    • BE Bioinf / MBiomedE
    The working party is to consist of Bruno Gaeta, Bill Wilson, Steve Matheson, and Ken Robinson (subject to Ken's agreement).

  7. Working party to review BE Computer Engineering
    Sri Parameswaran gave a brief report on the plans of the working party, which held it's first meeting a week ago.

  8. Review of MEngSc Faculty-wide For information only.

  9. Discussion of Program Transfer Process Item deferred

  10. Proposal for change to COMP9024 and introduction of a new course: Approved in principle, subject to reservations about resource issues. Paramesh and John Shepherd to bring a detailed proposal to the next TC meeting. No change to COMP9024 is needed in order to allow it revert to C.

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