Minutes of Teaching Committee Meeting 24 January 2003

Present: billw (chair), htuch, richardb, andrewt, lxue, bgaeta, jas, steve, achim, bradh, ignjat, gernot, claude, sowmya, compton

  1. Proposal to change prerequisites for BINF1001 and BINF2001 was approved, with the addition that a CR in COMP1011/1711 is required for students not in program 3647 (BE Bioinformatics) wishing to take BINF1001.

  2. The possibility of a BSc in Advanced Computer Science was discussed, but no decision on introduction of such a program was taken.

    The possibility of a new plan or program in Robotics was discussed. It was resolved to await the introduction of further robotics courses as staff become available, and take it from there.

  3. The new course proposal for a course in data mining was referred for further discussion with staff in related areas.

  4. Gernot was volunteered to suggest points that could be in additional new course proposal form designed to elicit extra facets of new course proposals more relevant to the School than to the Faculty committees.

    Gernot's points

  5. New program proposals (BE Bioinf BA and BE Bioinf BSc) were approved.

  6. New course proposal (PG Java) was approved in principle. John Shepherd will liaise with Paramesh on a revised proposal.

  7. Revised syllabus for COMP9517 approved in principle. In this case, a final version consistent with the current proposal can go straight to the Faculty Education Committee with the TC's blessing.

  8. Discussion of program for Teaching Quality Retreat 10 February at Little Bay indicated that discussion at the retreat should be lively. See minutes of TC meeting of 13 September 2002 - item 8 for what is proposed. The interactions of NICTA with teaching quality in the School have been recognised as an issue since this previous TC meeting, and these issues should also become part of the retreat agenda.

    Suggestions and proposals in relation to the retreat to billw as soon as possible, please.

  9. The report of the SE Program director was noted.

  10. Prizes for top students. The proposal approved by the TC that is to go to the Head of School includes a glass-fronted noticeboard in the HoS area listing the top ten students in BINF/COMP/SENG courses in each recent session at each level. Details of the criteria to be determined by bradh, carrollg, and andrewt. Top (3?) students at each level to be presented with certificates at graduation dinners.

  11. Proposal for one-off course Advanced Topics in Concurrency was approved and will go forward to the Faculty Education Committee.

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