Minutes of Teaching Committee Meeting 28 March 2003

Attendance: andrewt, bgaeta, billw (chair), compton, kaie, keller, kenr, kevine, lambert, gernot, paramesh, peterh
Apologies: boualem, elgindyh, steve

  1. New Course Proposal: COMP9031 Java and Internet Programming
    This proposal provoked considerable discussion. The outcome was that the decision on introduction of this new course is to be taken by the Head of School.

  2. BE SoftEng MBiomedE Proposal
    Approved by the TC: will go forward to Faculty Education Committee

  3. Addition of minors to BSc (Computer Science)
    Approved by the TC: will go forward to Faculty Education Committee

  4. A casual tutor has suggested that tutorial problem sheets should be distributed, by the tutors, in the tutorial, one week before they are discussed/worked in the tutorial. He cites increased efficiency of printer use, and actually getting the tutorials in front of all students' noses so that they can pre-view the questions before the tute.
    Academics are welcome but not obliged to adopt this practice.

  5. Teaching Retreat Follow-Up: establishment of teaching clusters. See also Retreat Notes. The suggested cluster composition can be discussed, and cluster coordinators designated.
    Guidelines and plans for teaching clusters were discussed, and more detailed responsibilities of teaching clusters and cluster coordinators will be advised soon by the Head of School.

  6. SE Cluster: re-accreditation of Software Engineering program
    The School has still not formally been advised of the outcome of the accreditation procedure in 2001. Ken Robinson to investigate.

  7. Discussion on re-organisation of PG Coursework Programs [JAS]
    This item has been postponed to a later meeting. Issues under this banner include the difficulties of supporting both first-session intake and second-session intake, difficulties arising from the disparate entry-level knowledge of the students, and particular difficulties with long prerequisite sequences in the MInfSc(Internetworking).
    Noted by the TC.

  8. Foreshadowed proposal for courses on problem-solving
    Noted by the TC.

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