Minutes of Teaching Committee Meeting 30 May 2003

Attendance: andrewt, bgaeta, billw (chair), danielw, ignjat, lambert
Apologies: nil

  1. BE Software Engineering BCom combined program proposal


  2. Making teaching staff ends meet in a climate of decreasing academic staff numbers. Some notes

    The chair reported on steps likely or possible to deal with teaching allocation issues as student numbers reduce, as per the linked notes above.

    It was pointed out that another possible way of dealing with reducing enrolments would be to videotape lectures in courses that are offered in both sessions, and to present such courses via the videotapes in alternate sessions. Major US universities were said to do this.

  3. New course proposal: User Interface Software Design

    Approved in principle. Running new courses is going to be an issue in future, as noted in the link in the preceding item: for every new course offered, some other course, or offering of a course, will have to be either deleted or taught outside of load.

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