Minutes of Teaching Committee Meeting - 21 May 2004

Present: billw (chair), kenr, weiw, emartin, bradh, potter, guyt, ignjat, huig, sowmya, sridevan, compton, plaice, lxue, boualem, bgaeta, blair, charlesw

  1. Discussion on possible changes to the Software Engineering program (KenR ... More details)
    • replace COMP2110 with COMP2111
    • delete COMP2411 from SE core
    • introduce 3UoC Project Management course into SE year 2
    • define SENG1031 = SENG1010 + SENG1020
    • coordination between SENG3010 and COMP3141
    • ? formally replace INFS2607 by (INFS2607 or COMP3331)
    Proposal approved in principle.

  2. Status report: Computer Engineering program revision. (Sri)

    Report received. Here is an outline of the current plan.

  3. Should mid-session student surveys be held so that feedback can be supplied while it's not too late to fix things for the current class. (BradH, AndrewT?)

    Possible AndrewT-style surveys of all core courses taken by Software Engineering students. This could be extended to Bioinformatics and Computer Engineering, and to Computer Science (i.e. Maths 1A/B and Discrete Maths).

    Brad will look into implementing a mid-session survey for session 2. The TC particularly like the idea of surveying non-CSE core courses.

  4. New course proposal: Data Mining and Warehousing (Draft)

    Proposal approved - goes next to Faculty Education Committee.

    Companion proposal - revision / renaming of COMP9417 (Proposal doc

    This proposal was not considered by the meeting. One reason was the short lead time for looking at the paperwork. In order to get this proposal to the Faculty Education Committee together with the Data Mining and Warehousing proposal, it is proposed that the proposal be considered electronically. If you have any views or suggestions or even see any typos in the proposal, please let billw know asap.

  5. New PG coursework program proposals. MCIT and MIT. Proposal description

    The committee noted John Shepherd's document.

  6. Possible future direction: running day and evening streams of all combined UG/PG courses (like COMP3231/9201). Extra contact hours but no extra preparation. Might be painful, but if it helps us keep our jobs, a little pain might be bearable. This topic was raised by student representatives during a recent consultation with them. Three hour evening lectures are educationally undesirable, but justifiable for students with jobs, who can't get here during the day.

    The aim of the original item was to improve our positioning in the computing education market, given the current perilous budget position. Following discussion at the meeting, it seems likely that we will run advanced versions of all or most of our courses, with the extra material being covered in an advanced tutorial group. This proposal is to be considered at a School Meeting, hopefully the June one, though some member of the school are already moving to implement it.

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