Minutes of Teaching Committee Meeting 20 May 2005

Attendance List:
Bill Wilson (chair), Achim Hoffmann, Alan Blair, Aleks Ignatovic, Arthur Ramer, Brad Hall, Bruno Gaeta, Carroll Graham, Hal Ashburner, John Plaice, John Potter, Joseph Gentle, Ken Robinson, Maurice Pagnucco, Richard Buckland, Sri Parameswaran, Tim Lambert.
Apology: Charles Willock
Meeting opened at 2.10 p.m.

  1. The minutes of the meeting on 18 March 2005 were confirmed.

  2. Faculty Flexible First Year and UG Program Revision Proposals

    The common/flexible first year proposal is to be revisited by a meeting of Heads of School and Associates Heads of School with the Dean on 30 May, as resolved at a Dean's Advisory Committee meeting held a few hours before this TC meeting. This DAC meeting also indicated that SE and BI programs would not be required to fit into a common first year template. It is not yet clear whether this means that that they are excluded from the transfer benefits associated with the common/flexible first year scheme.

    This left the CE revision, and potential impacts on CS if the common first year does go ahead, and CS is part of it. It was felt that because CS has significant elective choice in first year, potential CS students who chose to enter the common first year so that that could change their mind and do CE (or EE, or ...) could fit in easily to the CE version of the common first year program.

    The CE revision proposal was accepted subject to

    • increasing elective content by requiring students to take n out of n+1 later year core courses (the value of n, and the particular core courses, to be chosen by Sri), thus releasing an elective slot (Sri); and
    • describing a mechanism whereby students with a high WAM could be allowed to take a course combination equivalent to an 18-UoC thesis. Possibilities included linking either Design Project B or an instance of Special Project A (COMP3901) to the thesis courses. (Sri)
    • the Dean's meeting on 30 May producing a Flexible First Year model compatible with Sri's plan.

  3. Revision of content of COMP3710 from 3 to 6 UoC.
    This recognizes the actual workload. COMP3720 would be excised from programs which currently have both COMP3710 and COMP3720. This proposal is independent of the Dean's "everything should be 6 UoC" principle; it's origins predate CSE's knowledge of the Dean's ideas on this.

    COMP3711 is to be implemented for session 2 to plug a gap in the CE program given that COMP3720 is no longer being offered. In the longer run, a different solution may be sought, in the context of revision of all relevant programs, and of the comments provided by 04s2 COMP3710 Course Coordinator Piyush Maheshwari.

  4. Proposal from Richard on structure of first and second year programming courses and design courses.
  5. Designing a first-year curriculum for CSE - John Plaice

    These two items were taken together.
    Richard's proposal was approved in principle, and a working group consisting of Richard, Alan Blair, and Maurice Pagnucco was set up to flesh out the details, taking into consideration the comments of those at the meeting, and in e-mails before the meeting, notably:

    The working group is asked to report to the Associate Head of School by the end of the mid-year break, having sought feedback from the School on a draft detailed proposal in the mean time.

    Remarks added after meeting:

  6. Revision of content of COMP2021 and COMP3221 (Sri).
    COMP2xxx Microprocessors and Interfacing and
    COMP3yyy Digital Circuits and Systems

    Approved. Transitional arrangements still to be worked out.
    The changes would also apply to COMP9022 and COMP9221.
    Faculty will need to be asked to approve systematic changes to all our programs to substitute COMP2xxx for COMP2021 and COMP3yyy for COMP3221, and similarly for PG programs. (Sri)

Other issues of interest were discussed in passing. Here are links to summaries of some of this material:

Meeting concluded at 4.50 p.m.

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