Minutes of Teaching Committee Meeting 31 March 2006

Present: billw (chair), bgaeta, ctchou, hpaik, josephg, lambert, lxue, mlake, paramesh, rksh029, smaneth, sridevan
Apologies: richardb, morri
Observer: Alex Hwang

  1. New course proposal - COMP9335 Wireless Mesh and Sensor Networks - Chun Tung Chou

    Approved. Course will be available to UGs as well as PGs. The possibility of producing the wireless sensor devices for use in this course (more cheaply) in-house is to be considered, details of the reference books required are to be supplied, and the number of academic staff hours/week needs to be changed from 1 to 3.
    Staff issues: networks group has the staff to teach this course, though they will no longer be able to contribute to non-network teaching. Note: it may not be possible to run all networks courses in semesters when a network group member is on SSP.

  2. New course proposal - COMP9324 Wireless Programming for Mobile Enterprise Applications - Paramesh

    Approved. Discussion and internet research determined that, despite intuitions to the contrary by various members of the School, "wireless programming" is the recognised term for this area. Staff issues: Paramesh will no longer be involved in teaching COMP932x e-Commerce courses, so this course can be run, at least in sessions when neither Helen nor Boualem is on SSP.

  3. New course proposal - COMP3341/COMP9341 XML and Databases - Sebastian Maneth

    Approved subject to discussions with Boualem Benatallah and Helen Paik to optimise the interface between this course and the e-Commerce courses (COMP932x). Pre-requisite is to be COMP2911 or COMP2011 or COMP9024. Staff issues: This course is planned to be taught by NICTA conjoint staff.

  4. Revised course proposal - COMP9314 Next Generation Database Systems - Xuemin Lin

    Approved. Staff issues: this course will be taught outside of load with the work shared by a consortium of CSE and NICTA staff. A WAM requirement of 75+ plus specific prerequisites will limit enrolments.

  5. Change the way honours is determined in Computer Science - Tim Lambert

    The proposal is to base honours just on the 4th year WAM. The mark required for 1st class honours changes from 76 to 79. Other cutoffs stay the same.

    The proposal received the support of the meeting (which included two CS honours students) and is hereby forwarded to the Head of School's Advisory Committee. Tim will update his proposal for the HoSAC, on the basis of the discussion, and aiming to address points made in e-mails by members of the TC who were unable to attend this TC meeting.

  6. Proposal to make BINF1001, BINF2001, and BINF3001 available to any student who meets the prerequisites (not just Bioinformatics students) - Bruno Gaeta

    Approval in principle. Bruno is encouraged to produce a more detailed plan explaining suitable prerequisites, and perhaps changes in content to accommodate students with different backgrounds, and how the courses would fit in with the Extended versions of the courses that would mainly be taken by BE Bioinformatics students.

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