Minutes of Teaching Committee Meeting on 24 September 1999

Present: gernot, andrewt, billw (chair), lambert, claude, steve, sowmya

Apologies: potter

In attendance: ramer, richardb

  1. Further discussion occurred of specific problem subjects in relation to CEQ scores and related feedback. Points made included that sometimes poor (or good) CEQ scores could be explained by special circumstances known to staff involved in the subject.

    In addition to the proposals referred to the HoSAC by the previous TC meeting, the meeting suggested that a practice of sitting-in on each others lectures might assist teaching staff in seeing problems in the organization or content, as well as presentation, of subjects.

    The suggestion that there should be student representation at non- confidential parts of Teaching Committee meetings was also raised as a measure aimed in part at increasing our responsiveness to student perceptions of our teaching. Another suggestion in a similar direction was to revive regular student-staff lunchtime meetings.

  2. Should COMP1091 run in s1 or s2? Views were expressed in favour of both options. Some felt that COMP1091 in s1 would put pressure on CSE to accept students into mainstream CS/CE who had not taken our standard/full first year offerings. Others felt that it was desirable to run it in s1 to siphon off students from other programmes taking a single computing subject as an elective. This would have the effect of reducing the pressure of numbers in COMP1011, though perhaps not by a very great amount.

  3. Deferred due to absence of John Shepherd.

  4. Deferred due to absence of John Shepherd.

  5. Deferred due to absence of Ken Robinson.

  6. In view of the deferred items, some time was spent on a preliminary draft of the teaching allocation for 2000.

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