Job Description CSO (Teaching System Support) = Class Manager

Drafted by: Albert Nymeyer and Bill Wilson

The candidate will be assigned to one or more courses and will be responsible for general coordination, administration and technical support duties in courses that involve large numbers of students.

It is envisaged that the number of students per class will be in the range 100-900, with most cases in the 250-400 range.

The duties include:

In more detail, the duties envisaged are:

Under supervision, to perform duties chosen from the following:

Tutorials, Laboratories and Consultations

Assignments, reports, surveys and peer assessments.

Software and the web

Out of session responsibilities

Special Benefit

The candidate will be entitled to enrol part time for an MEngSc in the School of CSE, after 12 months service, and the School will pay their fees for this study.


It is anticipated that a Teaching System Support officer will be assigned to a very large class (500+), or two related medium sized classes (say the networks courses in a particular session) or two moderate sized classes (<250 students each). This is a general rule-of-thumb, and load will be adjusted to course demands.

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