New Concession algorithm

(effective from the beginning of Session 1, 2003)

A Pass Conceded (PC) may be granted by a Faculty Assessment Review Group, provided a students overall performance is considered to warrant such a concession. A Pass Conceded allows a student to progress to another course for which the former course is a prerequisite. A PC should not be submitted by course authorities.

In deciding whether a student is eligible for the award of a PC (Pass Conceded), Faculty Assessment Review Groups apply a standard concession algorithm. An undergraduate student will be considered for the award of a Pass Conceded on a mark returned by the course authority that falls between 46 and 49 inclusive, provided that any of the following conditions is met:

  1. the mark is 48 or 49 and the student's term WAM is at least 53;
  2. the mark is 46 or 47 and the student's term WAM is at least 55;
  3. the student's cumulative WAM prior to the start of the current session is at least 55; or
  4. the student is a potential graduand with no failures in the current term. See also Sub-section 3.2.22 of the approved policy
  5. However,

Whenever a Faculty Assessment Review Group decides not to award a PC in accordance with the standard concession algorithm, that decision should be able to be justified.

The 18 UoC rule is interpreted as meaning that, if less than 18uc have been granted prior to the application of the concession algorithm, then any number of PCs can be granted in that round.

This information is not definitive. It is believed to be correct, and is provided in order to assist. However, this is not an official UNSW web page, and the contents of this web page do not commit UNSW to any particular action or policy. It is derived from a particular statement of UNSW policy on this topic, found here.
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