Notes on Academic Staff Retreat

School Retreat 00-06-13/14

Present 25 academics. (Not Jayasooriah, Arcot Sowmya, John Plaice, Daniel Woo, Arthur Ramer, Paramesh, Xuemin Lin, Mahbub Hassan, Amir Michail, Boualem Benatalla)

This document consists of four parts. The parts are separated by lines.

  1. This introduction
  2. Summary of Outcomes. This list represents the consensus of the meeting. It was typed up by me, but seen and agreed to by everybody.
  3. List of topics not, or inadequately covered, at the retreat. This is my personal opinion and is provided in order to point out what, IMHO, still needs to be resolved.
  4. My notes of the discussions. These were written in real time. They are NOT verbatim transcripts, nor are they summaries of verbatim transcripts. They represent as such, by definition, my personal interpretation of what happened. I have tried to fairly represent the points made, in a somewhat condensed fashion. Some personal bias is, however, unavoidable. I provide these notes in the hope that they may be useful to others. I make no claims as to their accuracy, other that they represent what I understood at the time.


Research Goals

Teaching Profile

Teaching Content and Administration


Research Management


A School structure discussion was only started:

We did not talk about academic staff profiles, and the future hiring policy of the School. We did not, except for the "teaching systems managers", talk seriously about teaching-only staff. We did not really address the issue of how we will be able to handle a first year which may yet double in size. (Streaming mainly addresses other issues, it will only help marginally with dealing with sheer size.)

Session 1 Tue 9:00.

Arun's intro:

Personal Goals & School Vision

Personal Goals:

School Goals:

What Kind of School?


Session 2: Research Goals (Tue 11:55)

Industrial Research Collaboration

Quality and Quantity of Research Students

Centres of Excellence (externally funded research centres)

Quality of Research Publications

AKS: Need some way to establish excellence

Session 3, Tue 16:30

School Teaching Profile

service teaching

AKS (summarising): Multiple streams for COMP1011&COMP1021 (expecting that most of ours would take advanced stream). In Maths streams have different number but same name and contents.

Want to reduce numbers of majors, can use service teaching to bolster budget.

Session 4 (Tue 15:50)

Teaching Content and Administration

Increase teaching admin support

Session 5 (Wed 9:00)

Teaching quality control

Teaching clusters

Session 6 (Wed 11:00)

More on Teaching

Teaching Clusters (cont'd)

Load Balancing

Research Management

Research Management Committee

Research Student Progression

Research Groups

Session 7 (Wed 13:30)

Occupational Health and Safety