UNSW Summer Session Policy

Standardising of Summer Session

At its meeting on 29 April 2002, Council resolved as follows (CL002/32):

  1. That Council approve:
    1. that all courses to be offered in Summer Session must be approved by the relevant Faculty Standing Committee explicitly for offering in Summer Session;
    2. that course offerings for Summer Session must be publicised by the end of Week 8 of Session 2;
    3. that Summer Session be designated as a nine-week period, commencing on the Monday two full weeks before the statutory Christmas holiday, and continuing for seven weeks recommencing on the Monday of the first full week in January;
    4. that only courses of over seven weeks duration commence before Christmas, and that all courses of seven weeks or less duration commence after the Christmas break;
    5. that students undertaking Summer Session courses must be enrolled no later than Friday of the first full week in January;
    6. that the completion date for Summer Session courses be no later than Friday of the ninth week of Summer Session;
    7. that assessment tasks, including examinations, for Summer Session courses must be completed no later than the Friday following the last week of Summer Session; and
    8. that Faculty Assessment Review Groups will meet to review Summer Session assessments no later than the Friday of the first week of Session 1, effective for Summer Session December 2002.
  2. That Council note:
    1. that Summer Session is not intended to become a full teaching session, but will be principally directed to:
      • core undergraduate courses for mid-year entry and repeating students
      • postgraduate coursework
      • general education courses
      • undergraduate and postgraduate coursework projects, reports and theses
      • field trips and industry/professional work experience;
    2. that the HECS/Fee status of students undertaking courses in Summer Session will be the same as that in a standard session;
    3. that in some limited instances, for compelling pedagogical reasons or due to clinical work requirements, accommodation issues or studio availability, courses may start earlier than the formal date for commencement of Summer Session, but must no finish later than the formal end date for Summer Session;
    4. that Faculties will be asked to note that appropriate recognition should be given to staff teaching in Summer Session, and that academic staff who teach in Summer Session should not normally teach a full load in the two main teaching sessions;
    5. that the arrangements for Summer Session outlined above will be reviewed by the Academic Board after two full Summer Sessions (in early 2004).

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