Timothy Wiley

Research Associate
Creative Robotics Lab | Art & Design | UNSW Australia
School of Computer Science and Engineering | Faculty of Engineering | UNSW Australia

I am currently a Research Associate on a joint project between the Creative Robotics Lab at the National Institute for Experimental Arts, the AI & Robotics Research Group at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, both at UNSW Australia, and FugiXerox Japan. My currently research projects investigate methods for online learning for plan adaptation using human demonstrations.

I am about to complete a PhD in Computer Science, focusing on Robotics and Machine Learning at UNSW Australia. My thesis proposes a Planning and Learning Hierarchy, which ultiametly speeds up the low-level on-line trial-and-error learning of new robotic skills by reasoning about domain knowledge of the robotic system. The domain knowledge, in the form of a qualitative model is learnt from numeric data samples collected as the robot moves about the environment. A planner which incorporates qualitative reasoning, finds a parameterised sequence of actions, which form an approximate solution to a given task. The parameters, which are constrained by the qualitative planner, are refined through on-line trial-and-error learning to optimal values.

Research Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence for Robotics
  • Machine Learning
  • Qualitative Reasoning
  • Cognitive Robotics
  • Online Learning

RoboCup Rescue

I have been a member of the CASualty, the UNSW RoboCup Rescue team. The research focus of the team is Autonomous Robotics for Urban Search and Rescue, with specific interest in mapping, autonomous navigation and exploration, mobility over rough terrain, and autonomous victim identification. As a member of the team, I have been awarded, Best-in-Class Autonomy (2010, 2011) and Best-in-Class Mobility (2010) at RoboCup Rescue competitions.
2011 CASulaty Team
Negotiator Rescue Robot


  • Tutor/Lab Demonstrator
    • COMP3431 - Robot Software Architectures
  • Assistant Lecturer:
    • ENGG1811 - Computing for Engineers
  • Course Administrator:
    • COMP1400 - Programming for Designers
    • INFS1609 - Fundamentals of Business Programming
  • Tutor/Lab Demonstrator
    • COMP3141 - Software System Design and Implementation
    • COMP3441 - Security Engineering
    • COMP2911 - Engineering Design in Computing
    • COMP1927 - Computing 2: Data Structures and Algorithms
    • COMP1917 - Computing 1: Introduction to Programming


PhD (Computer Science), continuing
School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales
Keywords: Cognitive Robotics, Qualitative Reasoning and Planning, Reinforcement Learning, Hierarchical Learning

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), Honours First Class.
School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales
Majors: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics


I am currently on the Workplace Health and Safety committee, Level 3, for the school of CSE.

As a student at UNSW I have been a member of:

  • CSERevue: An annual sketch comedy show run by the students of CSE. I directed the show in 2012.
  • CSESoc: A society who runs activities relevant to students at CSE.

During my travels I have been fortunate enough to visit many countries and places.

Machu Pichu (October 2015)
Iguaçu Falls (August 2014)