Algorithmic Decision Theory
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The Algorithmic Decision Theory group is developing computational tools to support decision making. This involves multi-disciplinary research on the boundaries of optimisation, preferences, social choice, game theory, multi-agent systems, and machine learning.

Our research is driven by several transformative factors: the web (which is creating many new and exciting business models), big data (which is transforming the way we can optimise many industries), and environmental and financial pressures (which are forcing us to look for more optimal solutions).

Current projects include: representing and reasoning with preferences, computational social choice, fair division, game theoretic issues in distributed optimisation, and the intersection of machine learning and optimisation.

This research group is primarily based at the Optimisation Group in NICTA. However, we also bring together members of the COMIC group as well as researchers from the University of New South Wales, Harvard University, the University of Toronto, and Universitšt Rostock. We welcome visitors, both short and long term. Please contact Toby Walsh if you wish to vist as we can often provide support.


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