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Frequently asked questions

How will AI Access distinguish itself?

First and foremost, we will be an electronic and open publisher. We'll encourage authors to embrace this. For example, we'll be happy to publish "living" books, as well as supplementary material like code and slides. Second, we will be responsive to our authors. We will listen to your requests and act where we can. Third, we will be fast. We will publish to tight deadlines. We want your books to be timely and have impact.

What sort of books will AI Access publish?

Collected works (e.g. a Handbook or a Festschrift), Proceedings (e.g. the sort of books published in LNCS), and Research Monographs (e.g. a prize winning PhD).

Will AI Access publish textbooks?

We do not currently plan to publish textbooks. This is a very different market and requires very different expertise.

How can AI Access compete with the big publishing houses?

This is one reason to focus only on AI. Also, we don't need to "win". We just need to provide some competition, so that prices are kept down and access is more open.

How will AI Access have the credibility of a big publisher?

Much of the credibility for a publisher comes from us, the scientists. We are the editors and reviewers. Like a traditional publisher, AI Access will issue ISBNs and DOIs. Texts will be indexed in all the major venues.

How will AI Access have the visibility of a big publishing house?

Again, this is another reason to focus on AI. We will attend conferences like IJCAI and AAAI and have the same visibility to the AI community as any big publisher.

But I'm already very happy with my existing publisher!

Great, then please stay with them. There are many excellent publishers out there, especially university presses. However, few publishers besides AI Access will provide free access to electronic copy.

How will AI Access finance itself?

We welcome donations. AI Access will be a lean operation, with most of the effort provided at no (direct) cost by our editorial board. We also ask you to donate to us a small part of the price of print sales to offset our costs.