3rd International Workshop on

AI, Ethics and Society

4th February 2017

San Francisco, USA



The focus of this workshop is on the ethical and societal implications of building AI systems. It follows on from two successful workshops held at AAAI-15 and AAAI-16. There is an increasing appetite within and outside AI for fora to hold such discussions.


09.10-09.15 Introduction

09.15-10.30 Talks:

Why Teaching Ethics to AI Practitioners is Important, Judy Goldsmith and Emanuelle Burton

An Argument Against Artificial Intelligence, Sander Beckers

Social Attitudes of AI Rebellion: A Framework, Alexandra Coman, Benjamin Johnson, Gordon Briggs and David Aha

10.30-11.00 Coffee

11.00-12.00 Invited talk:

How Can AI be Used for Social Good? Key Techniques, Applications, and Results

Milind Tambe, Co-director, USC Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society

University of Southern California

12.00-12.50 Talks:

The Off Switch, Anca Dragan, Pieter Abbeel, Stuart Russell

Meta-Turing Test, Toby Walsh

12.50-14.00 Lunch

14.15-15.30 Talks:

Instantiation of a Case-Supported Principle-Based Behavior Paradigm, Michael Anderson, Susan Anderson and Vincent Berenz

Modelling Ethical Theories Compactly, Andrea Loreggia, Francesca Rossi, K. Brent Venable

The Formalization of AI Risk Management and Safety Standards, Shabnam Ozlati and Roman Yampolskiy

15.30-16.00 Coffee

16.00-16.50 Talks:

Moral Decision Making Frameworks for Artificial Intelligence, Vincent Conitzer, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Jana Schaich Borg,Yuan Deng and Max Kramer

Value Alignment or Misalignment -- What will keep systems accountable?, Thomas Arnold, Daniel Kasenberg, Matthias Scheutz

16.50-17.50 Panel:

Value Alignment: what and how? Vincent Conitzer, Stuart Russell, Matthias Scheutz, Toby Walsh (chair)

Topics include but are not limited to:

- the societal impacts of AI

- impact of AI on jobs and issues like technological unemployment

- architectures for ensuring ethical behavior

- value alignment in autonomous systems

- autonomous agents in the military

- autonomous agents in commerce and other domains

- measuring progress in AI

- safeguards necessary within AI research

Workshop Organizing Committee:

Paula Boddington, Oxford

Miles Brundage, Oxford

Joanna Bryson, Bath

Judy Goldsmith, Kentucky

Ben Kuipers, Michigan

Toby Walsh (chair), UNSW Australia | Data61 | TU Berlin



What is the future of AI? And what should we be doing about it now?

Held within the 31st AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence.