A major goal of the Centre is to inform the debate around how AI and Robotics is likely to change society. The Centre will support a range of outreach actitives including public lectures and debates, workshops, and conferences. You can read more in our newsletter which appears every two months.


December 2016

Future events

Aug 2017. AI Lounge, an informal public forum in which to discuss AI, part of IJCAI 2017, Melbourne.

Mar 2017. CeBIT Global Conference, The Future of AI, Hannover, Germany.

Feb 2017. 3rd International Workshop on AI, Ethics and Society. Held alongside AAAI-2017.

Jan 2017. Invited talk, Beneficial AI, Asilomar, USA.

Dec 2016. United Nations. Fifth Review Conference of the Convention on Conventional Weapons, Presentation, Geneva, Switzerland.

Dec 2016. Invited talk, Cambridge Conference on Catastrophic Risk, Cambridge, UK.

Dec 2017. UNSOMNIA, What in AI keeps me awake at night, public lecture, UNSW.

Past events

Nov 2016. Berlin Science Week, Limits of AI, Berlin, Germany.

Nov 2016. Berlin Science Week, The Singularity, State Festival. Berlin, Germany.

Oct 2016. Panel on Moral Machines, Integrity20, Brisbane.

Oct 2016. Keynote, World Knowledge Forum, Asia's Davos, Seoul, Korea.

Sept 2016. Will AI end jobs, wars or humanity? (invited talk) 2nd Global Conference on AI, Berlin, Germany.

Aug 2016. Keynote talk on "Will AI end jobs, wars or humanity?", SmartConnected.World, Korea.

Apr 2016. Public lecture at the University of Cape Town, "Will AI end jobs, wars or humanity?"

Mar 2016. Public lecture at UNSW, "Killer Robots: the 3rd revolution in warfare".

Feb 2016. Panel on the future of work, AAAI-2016.

Feb 2016. 2nd International Workshop on AI, Ethics and Society. Held alongside AAAI-2016.