Toby Walsh

Advanced Research Fellow
Department of Computer Science
University of York

You may find the following links useful for acquiring some of the skills that you are expected to learn during the course of a PhD programme. You can find a lot more on the Web but these are some of the better links.

Writing papers and theses:

  • How to write a thesis, a talk by Toby Walsh.
  • How to write a paper: some suggestions, a talk by Krzysztof Apt.
  • How to write a paper, by Mike Ashby (one of the most cited researchers in the UK!).
  • Tips for Preparing a Scientific Research Paper from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
  • How to write a good [systems] paper (things I wish my mother had told me) by John Wilkes.
  • How (and How Not) to Write a Good Systems Paper by Roy Levin and David D. Redell.
  • How To Have Your Abstract Rejected, by van Leunen and Lipton.
  • How to Organize your Thesis by John W. Chinneck.

    Running experiments:
  • Empirical methods page that I maintain.
  • Towards a Discipline of Experimental Algorithmics by Bernard Moret.
  • The role of experiment in the theory of algorithms by Richard Anderson.
  • A theoretician's guide to the experimental analysis of algorithms by David Johnson.
  • A bibliography of algorithm experimentation by Catherine McGeoch.

    Presenting talks:
  • How to Give a Good Research Talk, by Simon Peyton Jones et al.
  • How to Present a Paper in Theoretical Computer Science, by Ian Parberry.
  • How to Present a Paper on Experimental Work with Algorithms, C.C. McGeoch and B.M.E. Moret, SIGACT News 30, 4 (Dec. 1999), 85-90).

    Reviewing papers:
  • How to Review a Paper (powerpoint slides) by Toby Walsh.
  • The referee's guide by Ian Parberry.
  • Notes to CADE-12 Referees by Alan Bundy.

    Getting grants:
  • Writing a good grant proposal by Simon Peyton-Jones and Alan Bundy.
  • How not to kill a grant application from Science, 1999.
  • Proposal writer's guide by Donald Thackrey.

  • Toby Walsh

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