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1. Project Overview

Keyword search is a dominant way of accessing information from unstructured data sources (such as the Web, emails, etc.). This project investigates technologies to enable free-form (google-style) keyword search on structured data sources (such as a relational database) and semi-structured data sources (such as an XML document repository).

There are many technical challenges to support this simple and intuitively plausible idea. For one thing, how to define the search results? On the Web, each result is just a page (or document). On (semi-)structured data sources, it is typically a collection of elements that are semantically meaningful and collectively relevant to the query.

As an example, we show the results of searching "tom cruise nicole kidman" on our system (SPARK) against the IMDB movie info database, and on other systems (Google and WolframAlpha).

SPARK Google Google Wolfram Alpha

SPARK screenshot

Google screenshot 1

Google screenshot 2

Wolfram Alpha screenshot

This research project is partly funded by ARC Discovery Projects DP0881779 and DP130103405.

2. People

3. Publications

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    • check out the full TR version here.

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4. Online Demo and Download of the Prototype

Please visit here.

5. Commercial Product

SPARK - Enterprise Graph Search: An enterprise graph search product by Lumanetix Software founded by Nino Svonja featuring state-of-the-art technology inspired by this research.