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willu at cse.unsw.edu.au

Moving On...

After 10 years at UNSW/NICTA I'm moving on. My next stop is Google Australia.

General Stuff

This page is probably always going to be under construction, as I couldn't be bothered spending a huge amount of time on it. I do have a blog that I don't use very often. More frequently I share items in Google Reader or Google Plus. I'll try to keep my Google Scholar profile up to date.

My research

I am interested in autonomous agents. How can we write programs think and learn?

In particular, I'm interested in programming both robots and software agents. How can these agents explore their environment to complete tasks for us using:

My approach is to have the agent build structured models of its world. These structured models allow efficient representation of complex worlds.

I have worked on these agents in a number of different domains:


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