Short Biography

Wayne Wobcke is an Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales.

After graduating with a Ph.D. in Computer Science (1989) from the University of Essex, he lectured for 9 years in the Basser Department of Computer Science at the University of Sydney. He then spent three years working in the Intelligent Systems Research Group at British Telecom Laboratories in the U.K., followed by a year as Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Information Systems at the University of Melbourne. His work at British Telecom was recognized in a team award of the British Computer Society Medal for Innovation in Information Technology.

His research interests centre on techniques for the development of personal assistants (in domains such as e-mail classification, calendar management, spoken dialogue systems and teamwork models in health informatics), and in the application of logic to formalizing the behaviour of BDI (Belief, Desire, Intention) agents. He is currently Project Leader of the Personalisation project within Smart Services CRC, which aims to develop novel knowledge acquisition and data mining techniques to provide more personalised services.

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