Raymond Wong


I am the Director of Online Education and an Associate Professor at the School of Computer Science & Engineering, UNSW.


During 2006-2010, I worked at NICTA (now Data61) and was collaborating with them until 2018. I was involved in its spin-out company Cohesive Data Inc.

I received my BSc from ANU, MPhil and PhD from HKUST. I held the Sir Edward Youde Graduate Fellowship. After my PhD, I was a postdoc at Stanford University and visiting scholar at UCLA. Before I joined UNSW in 2000, I worked at the computer science departments of the following universities: HKUST, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Macquarie University, and then University of Sydney. I was a Visiting Professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing, in 2011-2013.


Areas of interest:


At UNSW, I teach: recently COMP9319 (Web Data Compression and Search) and COMP6714 (Information Retrieval).

I used to teach: previously COMP3311 (an undergraduate database course), COMP9311 (a postgraduate database course), and COMP9314 (Next Generation Databases); sometimes COMP9315 (i.e., Database System Implementation) and COMP3900/9900 (the capstone project course for undergraduates and postgraduates); and occasionally COMP3311 (an undergraduate database course).

I designed the courses and developed the course content for: COMP3900/9900, COMP9314, COMP9319.

Industry Consulting

Areas of expertise:

Graduated Research Students

For Potential Research (Hons/PhD) Students

Please email me (wong at cse.unsw.edu.au).

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