Yifei Zhang (逸飞)
Ph.D. student
Compiler Research Group (CORG)
School of Computer Science and Engineering
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia
Office: Room 501-19, K-17 Building
Phone: +61 (2) 9385 4941 (Internal call: 54941)
Email: yzhang at cse dot unsw dot edu dot au

About Me

I am a fourth-year Ph.D. student supervised by Prof. Jingling Xue and Dr. Yulei Sui at School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney). I received my B.Eng degree in Software Engineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) in 2014. I started pursuing my Ph.D. in March 2015.

I will be graduating in August 2018 and I am interested in positions in industry, research labs and academia. Here are my curriculum vitae in English and in Chinese.

Research Interest

Currently, my research interests are static program analysis, Android analysis, software engineering and programming languages.

I am a junior researcher, but I really enjoy the Eureka moments. I am really glad to present insightful, inspired and practical work during my Ph.D. study.

Research Papers

Ripple: Reflection analysis for Android apps in incomplete information environments
Yifei Zhang, Yue Li, Tian Tan and Jingling Xue
Software: Practice and Experience (SPE) 2018;48:1419--437.

Launch-Mode-Aware Context-Sensitive Activity Transition Analysis
Yifei Zhang, Yulei Sui, Jingling Xue
The 40th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE'18), pages 598 -- 608, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2018.
[paper] [slide]

Ripple: Reflection Analysis for Android Apps in Incomplete Information Environments
Yifei Zhang, Tian Tan, Yue Li, Jingling Xue
The 7th ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy (CODASPY'17), pages 281 -- 288, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2017.
[paper] [slide]   An extended version of this paper is available here .

Program Tailoring: Slicing by Sequential Criteria
Yue Li, Tian Tan, Yifei Zhang, Jingling Xue
The 30th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Rome, Italy, 2016.
Distinguished Paper Award   Artifact Evaluated   [Implementation]

Uniformly Evaluating and Comparing Ranking Metrics for Spectral Fault Localization
Chunyan Ma, Yifei Zhang, Tao Zhang, Yuwei Lu, Qingyi Wang
The 14th International Conference on Quality Software, Allen, TX, USA, 2014.

My Favourite Researchers

Besides my supervisor Jingling, there are some researchers who always give me much inspiration. They are:

Patrice Godefroid @ Microsoft Research Redmond
Shan Lu @ the University of Chicago
Michael I. Gordon @ MIT
Xinyu Wang @ the University of Texas at Austin
Yu Feng @ the University of Texas at Austin