Hi, my name is Bea

I'm a programmer, designer, fitness nut

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I'm a Programmer

In my 4th year of my Bachelors of Computer Science at UNSW

   ThoughtWorks LevelUp Workshop [ Feb-Apr 2017 ]
          Watch app development using TDD and agile programming
   UNSW Tutor for Nura Gili Program [ Feb 2017-Present ]
          Algorithms and Introduction to Programming
   UNSW Taste of Research Scholarship [ Nov 2016-Feb 2017 ]
           Optimising Human Activity Classification using Deep Learning for Smart Devices
   UNSW Deans List [ 2015, 2016 ]

I'm a Designer

In my 4th year of my Bachelors of Media Arts (honours) at UNSW minoring in Animation and Visual Effects and Graphics Media
    Occasionally I freelance as a web designer/developer
    Centre of Applied Innovation at Melbourne Polytechnic Website
    Pitch Animation for SOMA3616
    Social Media Website

I'm a Fitness Nut

{ gym junkie | coach of various sorts | lifter of heavy things }

Ridiculously passionate about all things health and fitness
   Personal Trainer [ Feb 2016-Feb 2017 ]
          Anytime Fitness Circulary Quay [ Rapid Personal Training ]
   Netball Coach [ 2010-Present ]
          North Sydney Girls High School
   Netball Umpire [ 2009-Present ]
          Northern Suburbs Netball Association [ Willoughby United ]
   Certificate III/IV in Fitness [ June 2015, Nov 2015 ]
   "Next Step" Training Workshop [ Jan 2017 ]
          Falls prevention program for elderly residents who have trouble balancing
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