Dedication Ceremony

The John Lions Garden

Johns Lions Tree

UNSW dedicated the area outside the home of the School of Computer Science and Engineering (Building K17) to John Lions and built a landscaped garden in recognition of his love of National Parks.

An annulus with the inscription "Lions' Books inspired a generation of operating system designers" has been placed around the largest tree in the Garden.

The garden was then opened at a ceremony on June 26th 2002, which was officiated by the VC Professor John Niland OA in one of his last duties at UNSW, and attended by around 100 people, including John's widow and other family members, ex-students and ex-colleagues. A plaque to commemorate the dedication ceremony was mounted on the wall.

The John Lions Garden has become a popular spot for both staff and students at UNSW, where one will often see a student with a laptop, or an academic entertaining a visitor from overseas with a mug of coffee.

Johns Lions Annular
Johns Lions Garden
Johns Lions Sign