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Research within the School is conducted largely within groups, although collaboration between groups is common. Research groups typically have a number of on-going research projects in specific areas related to the overall area of the groups' interest. It may be helpful to look at the home pages of the research groups in the School.

You may be interested in perusing a list of all research areas of academic members of staff. Some of these activities are funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC). 

School publications are available through the UNSW Research Gateway: Find a Researcher.

Find a Researcher

The UNSW Research Gateway provides access to research profiles for all academic staff, including contact details, research interests, and publications.


Find a Researcher

CSE Research Areas

Academic staff in the School register their research areas and areas of interests on their staff page. You can see a complisationof all research areas across the school by browsing a list of staff names or a list of staff research areas.

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