Example Report

Sample Title Page

Computer Engineering

Industrial Training Report


Student Name

Student ID

Report on work experience with XYZ Computer Company.

Sample Table of Contents


Introduction p. 1
2.    Projects p. 1
        2.1    First Project Title p. 1
                2.1.1    Hardware p. 2
                2.1.2    Software p. 2
       2.2    Second Project Title p. 2
                2.2.1    Hardware p. 3
                2.2.2    Software p. 3
        2.3    Third Project Title p. 3
                2.3.1    Hardware p. 4
                2.3.2    Software p. 4
[additional project sub-sections as required]  
3.    Training p. 5
4.    Relevance of Work Experience to Studies p. 5
5.    Conclusion p. 6



In this section, you should give an outline of the Company, its products, the section/department in which you worked, and the Company's organisational structure (showing the section where you worked).  You should also include the start and finish dates of your work experience.



This section should be a brief introduction to the range of projects or tasks that you undertook.

nth Project Title


This section should include a comprehensive description of this particular project.  Include the amount of time that you spent on this project or task.

When writing about the projects you have completed, make sure you use the first person with active verbs - that is, use the word "I" and verbs which indicated what you actually did.  For example:

"I was extensively involved in all aspects of Java development for the project..."

"My very first task was to rewrite...  I obtained the requirements from ...

"I was responsible for..."

"I developed an application which..."

Do not use the third person ("we") or the passive voice ("the project required") as these styles do not make it clear exactly what your contribution to the project was.

If you don't know what sort of verbs to use, these 250 verbs will give you a starting place.



This section should include a description of the hardware that you used for this project or task.



This section should include a description of the software environment for this project or task.



This section should describe the formal training which you received from the Company.  This could include an Induction Program, specific language training or system training etc.   Be sure to include the amount of time spent in each training situation.   In addition, you could outline any informal "on the job" training, and any mentoring, that you received.

IPP Relevance


This section you should relate the work experience you received to the studies you have completed to date, and also to the studies that you anticipate completing in the near future.  You could also relate your work experience to your future career plans, and comment on whether or not you have changed your career plans as a result of your work experience.



This section should summarise your report and your work experience.