Algorithmic Decision Theory (ADT) Group UNSW

The goal of the group is to develop computational and analytical tools to support collective and cooperative decision making using a blend of game theory, AI (artificial intelligence), and algorithms. The group works on fundamental optimisation problems that need to take into account distributed agents, preferences, priorities, fairness, stability, and strategic concerns of the stakeholders. The group is working at the interface of computer science (in particular AI, multi-agent systems, and theoretical computer science) and economics (in particular, social choice, market design, and game theory).

Research sub-disciplines: Multi-agent systems, Computational social choice, algorithmic game theory, matching market design, fair division, and network analysis.

ADT Reading Group: We are currently having a weekly reading group on Thursdays 1.30 pm. If you wish to be added to the announcements, please contact Haris Aziz.

Photo of ADT group
Photo of ADT group

Current Staff

Scientia Associate Professor Haris Aziz (Group Leader)
Scientia Professor Toby Walsh (Founder and co-Group Leader)

Dr. Sirin Botan
Professor Serge Gaspers
Dr. Patrick Lederer
Dr. Xinhang Lu
Dr. Shivika Narang
Dr. Sushmita Ruj
Dr. Abdallah Saffidine
Dr. Mashbat Suzuki

Associate Staff

Dr. Tiberio Caetano (Gradient Institute)
Dr. Nick Mattei

Current PhD Students

Maryam Hashemi
Andri Rohovyi
Alicia Vidler
Jeremy Vollen
Tiankuang (Ty) Zhang
Yuhang Guo

Current BSc Honours, Taste of Research Interns, and
Research Assistants

Kaiyang Zhou (2024)
Tao He (2024)
Angus Ritossa (2022-2024)

Alumni and Past Members

Dr. Alexander Lam
Dr. Matthew Olckers
Dr. Fahimeh Ramezani
Xiaoxuan Li (2022)
Jeremy Lindsay (2022)
Giuseppe Redondi (2022)
Angus Ritossa (2022)
Sean Morota Chu (2021-2022)
Adi Ganguly (2021-2022)
Xinran Zhu (2021-2022)
Haoning Xi
Dr. Ali Pourmiri
Dr. Simon Mackenzie
Dr. Zhaohong Sun
Dr. Edward Lee
Dr. Barton Lee
Dr. Kamran Najeebullah
Dr. Nina Narodystka
Dr. Stefan Rummle
Dr. Martin Aleksandrov
Ethan Brown (Taste of Research, 2020)
Aditya Ganguly (Taste of Research, 2019-2020)
Simon Rey (UNSW research practicum program 2019)
Isabel Barlow (UNSW Engineering Taste of Research program 2018-19)
Anton Baychkov (CSIRO summer scholar, 2018-19)
Xin Huang (Data61 research internship, 2018)
Jiayin Chen (Data61, 2016-2017)
Michael Weiss (Data61/NICTA, 2015-2016)
Gerhard Rauchecker (NICTA, 2015-2016)
Adrian Goldwasser (NICTA, 2015-2016)
Jessica Lee (NICTA, 2015-2016)
Pang Luo (NICTA, 2015-2016)
Jiashu Chen (NICTA, 2014-2015)
Paul Stursberg (NICTA, 2013-2014)
Medina Andresal (NICTA, 2014)
Tobias Kaminski (NICTA, 2013)

Past Visitors

Bo Li, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, March 2023
Ankang Sun, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, March 2023
Nicholas Mattei, Tulane University, March - April 2023
Simon Rey, University of Amsterdam, December 2022 - January 2023
Grzegorz Lisowski, University of Warwick, October-December 2022
Evi Micha, University of Toronto: June-August 2022
Agnes Cseh, Hungarian Academy of Sciences: March-April 2019
Acelya Altuntas, Deakin University: April 2019
Anna Bogomolnaia, University of Glasgow: April 2019
Anton Baychkov, University of Sydney: April 2019
Duygu Yengin, University of Adelaide: April 2019
Felipe Maldonado, ANU: April 2019
Herve Moulin, University of Glasgow: April 2019
Mingyu Guo, University of Adelaide: April 2019
Simon Rey, Sorbonne University: April 2019
Yuko Sakurai, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Tokyo: April 2019
M. Begona Subiza, University of Alicante: Jan-Dec 2019
Josep Peris, University of Alicante: Jan-Dec 2019
Irene Lo, Stanford University: Nov 2018
Ayumi Igarashi, Oxford University, May 2018
Xin Huang. Feb 2017-May 2018
Pilar Dellunde. 2017-2018
Nicholas Mattei. 28-30 Sept 2018
Baharak Rastegari. 28-30 Sept 2018
Lirong Xia. 17-18 Aug 2017
Jennifer Chen. Nov 2016-Feb 2017
Bettina Klaus. Aug-Oct 2016
Enrico Gerding. Feb-July 2016
Peter Biro. Jan 2016
Gerhard Rauchecker. Sept 2015-Feb 2016
Michael Weiss. Sept 2015- Feb 2016
Jessica Lee. Nov 2015- Feb 2016
Pang Luo. Oct 2015-Feb 2016
Omer Lev. 16-27 Feb 2015
Medina Andresal. Nov 2013-Jan 2014
Bettina Klaus. 07 Aug 2014