Awards & Achievements

some of those proud moments ..

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Grants & Scholarships (accepted):
Funded visit offer to CLOUDS Lab, The University of Melbourne by Prof. Rajkumar Buyya, 2017. See here and here.
Taste of Research Summer Scholarship Project (Jointly with Prof. Salil Kanhere), 2017 - See here.
Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship, 2017 here.
Student Grant by ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS),2017. See here.
Student Grant by IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy [ranked A*], USA, 2016. See here.
Travel Grant by ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) [ranked A], 2016.
Postgraduate Research Student Support (PRSS) Travel Funds Award, UNSW, 2015.
Fully funded visit to University of Texas as Research Assistant (RA) of Distinguished Prof. Yvo Desmedt, 2015.
CSIRO Research Project Award Scholarship, 2014-2018.
UNSW International Student Student Tuition Fee Scholarship (TFS), 2014-2018.
UCL International Student Tuition Fee Scholarship (TFS), 2012
Honours & Awards:
Selected to serve as Student PC for 39th IEEE S&P, California, USA, 2018. See here
Appointed by Dean of Engineering as a member of Higher Degree Research Committee, UNSW, 2017.
Appointed by Postgraduate Research Coordinator as a member of CSE Research Committee, UNSW, 2017.
Selected as Student PC for 38th IEEE S&P, California, USA, 2017. See here
Listed among inspiring alumni of MSc Information Security at UCL, 2016. (see
Elected as Postgraduate Representative at CSE, UNSW, 2016.
Elected as Chair of IEEE Student Branch at UNSW, 2016.
Nominated by the Postgraduate Research Coordinator of the School of Computer Science for "Contribution to CSE Award", 2016.
Elected as Vice-Chair of IEEE Student Branch at UNSW, 2015.
NASSCOM IT-enabled Business Innovation Award, Australia, 2015.
Elected as Secretary of IEEE Student Branch at UNSW, 2014.
Best paper award, CITaDiM 2013.
Ranked in Top 5% of MSC Information Security at UCL, UK, 2012.
Best class project in Computer Security 2 module, UCL, 2012.
Top Student, BSc Information Technology, Heriot-Watt University, 2011.
Ranked 1st in Mathematics Olympiad of high school students, Roma, Italy.
3/3 of projects submitted jointly with Prof. Salil Kanhere for CSE Taste of Research were successful, 2017. Project listings available here.
1 Student granted the summer scholarship.
Member of AU2EU project. Representing UNSW as part of the team led by Prof. Sanjay Jha. See here.