Medical Imaging

Dr. Tatjana Zrimec, UNSW Centre for Health Informatics, developed a knowledge-based system for interpreting medical images from sources such as x-ray angiograms and magnetic resonance angiograms. To represent anatomical and procedural knowledge, she used a frame-based language that is based on UNSW Prolog.

Selected Publications

Zrimec, T. and Sammut, C. (1995). Knowledge representation for model-based image processing in medicine. In Eighth International Conference on Industrial and Expert Systems, Melbourne, Australia.

Zrimec, T., and Sammut, C. (1997). A medical image understanding system. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 10(1), 31-39.

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Sammut, C., and Zrimec, T. (1998). Learning to classify X-ray images using relational learning. In C. Nedellec and C. Rouveirol (Ed.), Machine Learning: ECML-98.. Chemnitz, Germany: Springer-Verlag. pp 55-60.

Sammut, C. (1998). Prolog, Refinements and RLGG's. In D. Page (Ed). International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming, Madison, Wisconsin: Springer-Verlag.