COMP1927 14s2 COMP1927 14s2 Final Exam Computing 2
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COMP1927 14s2 Final Exam

November 21, 2014

Questions: 9
Marks: 90
Time: 3 hours

Read all of the instructions below while you are waiting.
You will need to scroll the page to see all of the instructions.

About this Exam web-site:
  • the Instructions and the Questions use one browser tab
  • the C language material and the Algorithms material have
    their own browser tabs, which will be created the first time
    that you click on the link
  • note: all of the files for the practical questions and the
    template files for the other questions were copied into
    your working directory when you logged in to the exam
  • your working directory should contain template files
    (q4.txt to q9.txt) and three subdirectories (q1, q2, q3)
    containing files for the prac questions
Important Note:
  • if you're looking at this exam, you are are not in the
    standard Exam environment, so some things are different
    to the instructions in these pages
  • the files for the exam have not been automatically placed
    in your directory; you need to do this manually:
    • make a new directory for doing the exam
    • change into this directory
    • run the command:
      tar xf ~cs1927/web/15s2/exam/14s2/exam.tar
    • this should create all of the relevant files
  • the check and submit commands are not automatically
    in your command path; you will need to run them as:
    • ~cs1927/bin/check   and   ~cs1927/bin/submit
    • or, alternatively, add ~cs1927/bin/ to your PATH
Start-of-Exam Instructions:
  • Switch off your laptop/phone.
  • Place all laptops/phones/etc. off the desk (preferably in a bag).
  • Place your student card on the desk.
  • Fill in your name/id at the top of the attendance/scribble sheet
  • Wait for the supervisor to tell you to start reading the questions.
End-of-Exam Instructions:
  • Stop typing when the supervisor tells you.
  • Log out from your workstation.
  • Take all of your belongings.
  • Leave your attendance/scribble sheet on the desk.
General Instructions:
  • Answer all questions.
  • Questions are not worth equal marks.
  • Questions may be answered in any order.
  • Calculators/textbooks/notes/phones/laptops are not permitted.
  • Calculator apps (e.g. bc, xcalc) are available on your workstation.
  • During the Exam, you must not
    • communicate with other students in any way
    • access any of your own files
    • access any web pages except those attached to this web site
  • Answers must be submitted using the submit command
  • Each question contains instructions on using submit

The attendance/scribble sheet is used only for rough working, not for your
answers. All answers must be submitted online via the submit command.

If you believe that insufficient information has been provided to answer
a given question, then you should write any assumptions that you think are
necessary to complete the question and continue work from there. If the
assumptions are reasonable, you can still obtain full marks for the question.

Note that marks are awarded primarily for working, not just for getting
the correct final answer. If you get an incorrect final answer in one part
of a question and use it in a later part of that question, it is still possible
to achieve full marks for the later part if all working is correct.

For programming questions, you can only receive full marks for a
correctly-working program that compiles with no warnings. If you simply
submit the supplied file or if your program has compilation warnings/errors,
then it is worth zero marks. A program that compiles but does not produce
the expected result will receive partial-mark based on how close it is
to being correct.

End of instructions.