Lecture Slides, Videos and Tutorial Questions for COMP3411/9414 Artificial Intelligence 2018

TopicSlidesVideos and Tutorial Questions
Week 1. Foundationsslides 4x4 [Introduction] [Turing Test]
Week 2. Classifying Tasksslides 4x4 [Wumpus World] [Chess vs. Robocup] [Robocup 2001] [Classifying Environments]
Week 2. Agent Tpyesslides 4x4 [Agent Types] (Week 2 Tutorial Questions)
Week 2. Reactive Agentsslides 4x4
Week 3. Path Search Algorithmsslides 4x4 [Path Search] [Uninformed Search] [BFS] [UCS] [DFS] (Week 3 Tutorial Questions)
Week 3. Motion Planningslides 4x4
Week 4. Heuristic Path Searchslides 4x4 [Informed Search] [Greedy] [A*Search] [Admissible Heuristics] (Week 4 Tutorial Questions)
Week 4. Evolutionary Roboticsslides 4x4
Week 5. Gamesslides 4x4 [Playing Games] [Minimax and Alpha-Beta] [Games in Detail] (Week 5 Tutorial Questions)
Week 6. Learning and Decision Treesslides 4x4
Week 6. Perceptronsslides 4x4
Week 6. Genetic Algorithmsslides 4x4
Week 7. Neural Networksslides 4x4
Week 7. Reinforcement Learningslides 4x4
Week 8. Constraint Satisfaction Problems slides 4x4
Week 8. Variations on Backpropslides 4x4
Week 9. Logical Agentsslides 4x4
Week 10. Uncertaintyslides 4x4
Week 10. Deep Learningslides 4x4
Week 11. Learning Gamesslides 4x4