XML and Databases

Session 1, 2009

General Information and Formal Notices

Course Information

Lecture: Thursday, 15:00-18:00 @ Central Lecture Block 4 (K-E19-G05)
Tutorial: Monday, 11:00-13:00 @ John Goodsell LG21 (K-F20-LG21)
______. Tuesday, 11:00-13:00 @ John Goodsell LG21 (K-F20-LG21)
______. Tuesday, 16:00-18:00 @ Quadrangle G026 (K-E15-G026)
______. Wednesday, 16:00-18:00 @ Australian School of Business 232 (K-E12-232)
COMP4317 timetable, COMP9317 timetable

Staff Details

Lecturer: Sebastian Maneth
Consult: Friday, 11:00-12:00 (E508, L5 building, 223 Anzac Pde)
Tutorials: Andrew Clayphan (Tuesday 11am and 1pm)
_______..Kim Nguyen (Monday and Wednesday)
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NEWS - Important!

27-April: Assignnment Dates have changed!! You have one more week for Ass4; new deadline: 18-May.

7-May: Tutorials in week 18-22 May are canceled!!
29-May:Exam (Open Book)
Location: OMB112
Date: Tue. 23 June
Time: 17:45-21:00 (The extra 15 minutes are to give us the time check your student ID, distribute the subject, please be on time).
29-May: Assignment 5 webpage updated: NEW DEADLINE June 3rd!! slides for the lecture 11 and tutorial 10 available below.

11-July: Supplementary Exam (Open Book)
You may have failed the course for two reasons:
  1. You didn't score at least 16/40 at the exam. In this case your final mark is the only your exam mark, not taking your assignments into account.
  2. You didn't reach 50 points in total and had less than 20/40 at the exam
In both cases, we will take the best of your exam and supp. exam mark to compute your final mark.
The supp. exam is 3h long, open book and has the same scope as the main exam, that is, lecture 1 to 10 (included)
This exam is managed by the Students Office, its location and time will be communicated to you by the SO.

Lectures & Tutorials

Week    Topic     Print     Tutorial (last year)     Tutorial (Kim)  
01 Introduction to XML, Encodings, Parsers PDF
02 Memory Representations for XML: Space vs Access Speed PDF DOM Parsing DOM
Extra Questions
03 Tree Traversals, XML into RDBMS mapping PDF SAX Parsing & DAG Data Structures
SAX Parsing
04 DTDs, Schemas, Regular Expressions, Ambiguity
paper about Glushkov Automaton
PDF XML to Database (Same as last year)
05 XML Validation using Automata
paper on DTD vs Schema vs Relax NG
PDF Database to XML
06 Node Selecting Queries: XPath 1.0
PDF XPath Evaluation DTD Validation and XPath
07 Efficient XPath Evaluation
XPath to DFA (see Theorem 4.1, and esp. page 1-4 of the appendix)
PDF XPath and DAG Efficient XPath evaluation (updated)
08 Streaming Evaluation: how much memory do you need? PDF Streaming XPath
09 Properties of XPath: No Reverse-Axes, Containment Tests
No backward axis: short long Containment: short long
PDF XPath and DFA
10 XPath Evaluation using RDBMS PDF XPath & SQL XPath & SQL
11 XSLT -- Stylesheets and Transforms
Source code used for the lecture (read README.txt in the archive)
Last year's lecture


Week    Topic       Due Date       Misc.   
03 Read XML using DOM parser. Create document statistics
Bonus Points
25-Mar FAQ
05 SAX Parse into Memory: Trees vs DAGs
06 Mapping XML to a Relational Database
09 XPath Evaluation over Main Memory Structures
11 XPath to SQL Translation

Old Exams: 2007 [Solutions] 2008 [Solutions1-6]

Reading Material

There will be no textbook used in this course. Instead, please use Excellent further readings, complementary to the slides: Last but not least, we will of course heavily use the W3C spec's on
CRICOS Provider Number: 00098G