Thesis Showcase 2022

Each year we organise a Thesis Showcase where outstanding Thesis C students will show off their work to the School staff, their fellow students and a wider community. We are delighted to invite you to attend the Showcase for 2022 where about 20 students will be presenting their work in an in-person interactive poster and demonstration session, some of which with VR headsets. One student, who is still overseas, will take part remotely.

The Showcase will at 4-6pm on Friday, 9 Dec 2022, in the Innovation Central Sydney located in the basement of Building K17. Please come and support our students!

Final list of students who will be taking part is below. (7 Dec 2022.)

Name Topic
Adam Parslow Design and Integration of the Observability Solution for a Logistics Platform-as-a-Service
Benjamin (Ben) Kassabian UNSW Warehouse Logistics Simulator
Caitlin Ramsay Deciphering Cardiomyocyte Enhancer Grammar with Deep Learning
Cameron Horsley Automated Predictions & Algorithmic Trading in Australian Horse Racing
Hannah Chen SwingTrack: Smartphone motion tracking and visualisation for swing analysis
Jiahao Zhang Parking Sign Interpretation
Lanping Liu Scaling Blockchains using Layer-2 Solutions
Louisa Canepa Visual Question Answering in the Medical Domain
Michael Cunanan Solving Wordle with AI
Mitchell Johnston Strengthening scheduling guarantees of seL4 MCS with IPC budget limits
Mohammad Kheir Mirza What are the features to extrapolate from human speech to improve conversational agents?
Mun Joon Teo Cloud Platform for Smart Mouthguard for Sleep Monitoring (OptoSleep)
Mustafa Dohadwalla, and Pramith Prashanth Composable Non-fungible Tokens for Supply Chains
Richard Liu A gradebook in WebCMS3
Rue Ching Teh VCTP: A verifiable Credential based Trust Propagation Protocol for Issuers in SSI
Ruiqi Li Efficient and Accurate Neural Radiance Fields (NeRFs)
Sadman Shafiq Virtual Reality Tool for Language Learning Outcomes
Sarah Mirza Eye Sim VR
Sehhaj Grewal Predicting bacterial motility - searching for flagellar motor genes in microbial genomes
Shosuke Xiang You Morota Chu Iterative Filtering for Conference Management