Thesis Showcase 2023

Each year we organise a Thesis Showcase where outstanding Thesis C students will show off their work to the School staff, their fellow students and a wider community. We are delighted to invite you to attend the Showcase for 2023 where 22 students will be presenting their work in an in-person interactive poster and demonstration session. Two students, who have left Australia, will take part remotely.

The Showcase will at 4-6pm on Thursday, 7 Dec 2023, in the Innovation Central Sydney located in the basement of Building K17. Please come and support our students!

A tentative list of students who will be taking part is below. (Information up to date on 6 Dec 2023.)

Name Thesis title
Aaron Shek Forensic VR
Adi Kishore AutoCAR: An intelligent web-platform with real-time collaboration for CAR T-Cell therapy research
Alex Brown An open experiment in SIMD-based set intersection
Avi Dargan Optometry Strabismus Sim
Boqian Ma Scaling Blockchains using Layer-2 Solutions
Felicia Ee Eye Sim VR Networking
Gerald Huang Quantum Algorithms for the Steiner Tree problem
Grey Baston De-sonifaction
Guy Chilcott Mechanical Engineering Simulation of Manufacturing Composite Parts in Virtual Reality
Henry Ho Warehouse Sim v2
James Bradley Cancer Data Lake
Jelena Culibao Information Ethics/Ethics of Computing and Technology
Jesse Merhi Synthetic Trajectory Generation through Convolutional Neural Networks
Justin Luong CoughViT - A Self-supervised Foundation for Cough Audio Modelling
Lauren Huynh Effectiveness of Virtual Reality In Improving Technical Skills and Conceptual Understanding of Lab Techniques and Equipment
Liam Druckman Bioinformatics Strategies for Lipidomics Analysis
Lucy Parker High-performance I/O on seL4
Manpreet Mondal The Effect of Different VR Interaction Methods on Cognitive Load while Learning Algorithms
Rahul Tripathi Diving into the Metaverse: Analyzing User Activity Network Traffic and QoE Factors
Ryan Tram Analysing the cognitive loads on BCI device users using motor imagery and facial expression controls
Sawat Wongsaroj Investigating the effect of BCI-supported control on cognitive performance and user experience in video game play
Tuan Kiet Phan Metaverse in the Built Environment
Vandana Prathapar Refactoring and further development of the multilevel genome typing database