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Last updated 25.08.00

COMP9242 Advanced Operating Systems


Note: Additions to the project specifications are marked in red.
Network driver available
A kernel image called kernel-serial-udp is now available in the kernel directory ~cs9242/l4/kernel. It includes a network driver supporting the UDP protocol, courtesy of the efforts of Ada Lim. See the documentation for more info. To use the driver modify your Makefile to load kernel-serial-udp rather than kernel-serial.

To test it, you might want to use the 'netcat' program, installed in ~cs9242/bin-$ARCH/nc:

asyst13 15:25 ~% ~cs9242/bin-$ARCH/nc -u mips13 17 
^C punt!
Soft RESET possible
Instead of hitting the reset button, the system can now also be forced into the kernel debugger by sending a BREAK on the serial port. A BREAK can be sent via the Seyon menu Misc->Break.
Non-caching kernel fixed
The serial driver has been fixed by Matt Chapman, and the non-caching kernel works now.
Non-caching kernel broken
The non-caching kernel doesn't work, please don't use it. We're working on it.
More project specs
Further specifications of the project were released.
Makefiles un-broken
The hello_world and pager Makefiles have been fixed. It is no longer required to ``make clean'' prior to each ``make''.
Clarification: High stack pointer
Milestone 1 requires you to execute a program with a high stack pointer. This means that, unlike the sample code, the child task is to be started off with a stack pointer outside the range of valid RAM addresses. So, once the task touches its stack, you will receive page faults which cannot be handled by a one-on-one mapping to RAM. You will need to do proper virtual memory management.
Note that you do not need any page tables at this stage, the kernel will keep track of mappings, once established.
Milestone 1 released.
Milestone 0 released.

COMP9242, School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales

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